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Monday, December 20, 2010

Petit Fours - Mini Frangipane Cakes

Bergen County, NJ

Petit fours are the perfect desserts for a casual gathering or towards the end of a cocktail party. Petit fours is translated from French to English as 'little ovens' but I think it should be 'little miracle.'

Our company, Confectionary Designs, is often hired to cater dessert bars for corporate gatherings. We find having a selection of several little desserts works much better than slices of cake. People like walking up to a dessert bar, seeing a beautiful arraignment of treats and having a wide variety of choices!

To make the little decadent treats above use our Frangipane Cake recipe baked in sheet pans. Cut out pieces of the cake using cutters no larger than an inch. Sandwich three pieces of cake together with apricot or raspberry jam.

We like to use a pre-made poured fondant mix to cover the cakes (the mix can be found at most cake decorating stores or online). Use your imagination in decorating the cakes. You can always add another flavor in the decoration to complement the cake, for example, a chocolate covered coffee bean works nicely with the raspberry jam.


  1. These look beautiful (look like a lot of work also!!!).

  2. These are so pretty! Thanks for the recipe - sounds really good.