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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From Pencil to Pastry: NJ Birthday Cakes

Bogota, NJ
When Confectionary Designs first opened it's doors in Northern, NJ, I had a vision we would be the cutting edge bakery regarding technology. After spending over 20 years in the Technology field my thought was "automate everything!" from inventory to finances to customer orders.

So when it came to creating a rendition of a custom cake for the client, I rolled up my sleeves and starting using the latest and greatest graphic program.  WRONG - stop right there!!  My partner pointed out to me that our customers get a special feeling when they see a hand-drawn rendition of their soon-to-be cake.

There is the question whether we are bakers or artists first - in my opinion, neither outweighs the other -  we are bakers AND artists. Our customers know we are making their cakes by hand and so it follows we should also be sketching their cakes by hand and that is the philosophy that our company has adopted.

I enjoy comparing the original sketch given to the client to the finished product. In the Betty Boop birthday cake above there is almost no deviation from the original drawing. This is the case with many of our cakes, but it does happen that as we are working on a cake we just know a banner would look better in 3D, or we need more roses to fill up a section, or a bead border will look better than a shell border, etc... and so we do some real-time design right on the cakes themselves.


  1. I follow this blog because I've ordered from them and am a very satisfied customer. I'm commenting on this post because it relates to my business.

    My business is design, mostly webs these days, and I can relate to the process described about sketching a preliminary design. Even though the end result of my work is a computer design, I always start with a paper sketch, most times at the client's office, and the result is more than an agreement on the look of the design. It produces a buy-in on the part of the client, and it gets the project off to a great start.

    What's remarkable with the cake design is that it can be so faithfully reproduced in edible form. Great work!

  2. Cool that the cake and sketch look so much alike. You all did a nice job.

  3. Thank you for all your nice comments! Webguy - interesting how so many industries or quite similiar!

  4. Wow, this looks great and perfect rendition of the drawing.

  5. Absolutely beautiful. I love the hand drawn sketch...I know the customers must love that aspect of their cake purchase as well. ;)

  6. Great expression of the concept drawing - kudos!

  7. I really like to see what a cake looks like from concept to final product!! It really makes a diffrence to see that a cake can look like what a customer agrees too.

  8. What a super cool design! Nice that you make drawings for your customers.

  9. I like it. Great work & design.