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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No Snow for New Jersey!!

Bergen County New Jersey

Our weatherman was so wrong when he warned us we may be in for a big snowstorm this past weekend. Well, here it is Tuesday, still sunny and no snow. I'm not putting away the snow shovels and boots yet as we still have a long winter to look forward to! Don't get me wrong, I love snow as much as the next person as I'm an avid snowboarder, skier, and snowshoer! But give me the choice and I'll hop a plane to Utah to enjoy the wonderful fluffy playground - I just don't want to drive in it.

The only snowflakes I'm in the mood for right now are the ones in the oven at the bakery! We are making our cookie baskets for our neighborhood businesses and I'm sure they will also appreciate these snowflakes! We used our tried and true sugar cookie recipe for these snowflakes - minimizing the rising agents in this recipe help the cookie keep its shape during baking. This recipe takes any flavoring nicely so to stay in the spirit of the season we used peppermint in the cookies and the glace icing.

The snowflake cookie cutter we use has endless possibilities with all the little cutouts included. After all, no two snowflakes are alike, right?!


  1. These are so sparkly - nice! You'll get your turn with the snow! :)