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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wedding Cake Guide for New Jersey Brides!

Bergen County, New Jersey

One of the most important decisions a bride will make in planning her wedding will be the design of her wedding cake. It is not the most important design decision, but it should be made together with the other decisions that will make your wedding the special event you want it to be. Here's a guide to help.

Eight Months to Go:

Come up with design ideas that you think will work as an overall theme for your wedding. Browse the internet or bridal magazines for inspiration. Don’t just look at cakes; use other elements for your design. For example, do you want your cake to compliment the lace on your dress? Use any idea to spark your imagination!

You should have an idea of the type of cake you want – will it be a traditional cake, a farandole of mini cupcakes or a whimsical cake that fits your personality? The style of cake may also depend on the number of guests at your wedding. Discuss this with each baker you interview.

Start to narrow down the list of bakers you would like to meet with and make tasting / design appointments. Make sure you discuss your budget with the baker prior to making the appointment as some may not be able to work within your budget. Your goal during this initial meeting is to determine if you are satisfied with the product quality, review the baker’s portfolios, and determine who can help you create your dream cake.

Six Months to Go:

Many specialty bakers are booked several months in advance, especially during peak wedding seasons, so book early if you have a specific baker in mind. Your baker should be working with you on the design, and asking questions such as: "How do you envision your wedding? What color/design are your flowers? Is it a lunch or dinner? What is being served? Is this an outdoor wedding? What's the theme? Are you thinking of something offbeat or classic? What does your dress look like? Approximately how many guests are you anticipating?" All of these questions, and others, will help determine the best design and flavors to fit your preferences.

Most bakers will require a signed contract and a 50% deposit to book a date.

One Month to Go:

Double check all the details with your baker – from the final payment to the delivery instructions.

The Day After:

Enjoy the first day of your new life and let your bridesmaids or mother do all the work for you! If you want the top tier saved for your first anniversary, they need to remove any sugar flowers, double wrap the tier in several layers of plastic wrap, seal it in an airtight bag and store it in the freezer. Also, they will need to return any items you may have rented from the baker, such as a cake platform.