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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Pie Recipes for your Thanksgiving Dessert Table are on our new blog!

We have a collection of holiday pie recipes that would be perfect for your Thanksgiving dessert table.  Please check out the following recipes for a variety of recipes:

  1. Coconut Custard Pie Recipe:   This old-fashioned coconut custard pie has a creamy egg custard filling, just the right amount of sweetness and is loaded with coconut flakes. This pie is super easy to make, mixes up in just 5 minutes and only requires a whisk, a bowl, a spatula and a pie crust to create
  2. Pecan Pie Recipe:  Pecan pie is synonymous with Thanksgiving.  The custard portion of this pie sets perfectly and I will show you how to avoid common issues with pecan pies, such as burnt crusts or pecans and a runny center.  An instructional video is also included on our new website.
  3. Apple Walnut Frangipane Tart: This Apple Walnut Frangipane tart is almost as stunning as it is delicious! It contains the complementary flavors of apples and walnuts – with the walnuts starring in the frangipane base. What is frangipane? Most commonly it is a baked pastry cream made with finely ground almonds, eggs, butter and various flavorings. If you have ever had a Bakewell tart – you have had frangipane. This recipe replaces the almonds with walnuts since they are the perfect pairing with apples.
The above is just a small selection of the many pie recipes on our site.  I also have pumpkin chiffon tart and parfaits, a peart tart, an apple walnut cranberry pie and many more.

Wishing all of my readers the most wonderful of Thanksgivings!