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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ganache Birthday Cake - NJ Bakery

Bogota, NJ

Fondant cakes seem to be the rage these days and it is not often we get an order for a poured ganache cake. It is a nice deviation from the norm when we receive a ganache cake order as it is a completely different process we go through from design to decorating. 

Even as a trained pastry chef who has poured ganache over a cake more times than I can count, I admit a still get a bit nervous when the moment to pour comes! The meringue buttercream can't be too warm or too cold, the ganache needs to be the perfect temperature and consistency, else I'll end up with a puddle of chocolate, and plenty of streaks and bubbles.

Regardless of the above, I love the look and taste of a nicely poured ganache cake. The cake pictured above is decorated with gumpaste hydrangeas and the scrolls were completed with a glace icing which complements the sheen of the ganache perfectly!

Glacé Icing:

1 lb powdered sugar
6 Tbsp whole milk or water
6 Tbsp light Corn Syrup
1 tsp flavoring extract of your choice

Combine sugar and milk and mix until smooth; add corn syrup and extract. Let icing sit for about an hour before using.

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