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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some of our latest cakes...

As much as I enjoy blogging sometimes I need to let posting go so we can work on bakery orders. We've been quite busy lately with an great selection of occasions to make cakes for! Spring and Summer are a big season for baby showers (hmmm....I wonder why!), graduations, and weddings.

Following are a few of the cakes we've recently created:

The above cake was created for some great gals throwing a bridal shower for their friend, or maybe as fun as the photos they sent us looked, this would be described as a bachelorette party! The cake was made by carving a sheet cake and adding two ball pans for that extra dimension.

This cake was created to welcome a new baby. The design for the cake was inspired by the cute invitations for the baby shower. The little bird and nest on top are entirely edible!

Of course with all the new babies, there is always a need for new OBGYN doctors. The cake was ordered for a woman graduating from medical school. As all of our cakes, everything is edible including the doctor and patient.

Last, but not least, the above cake was ordered by the mother-to-be's sister to welcome her first niece into the world. The party was designed as a princess fairy tale theme and the cake fit in perfectly with the decorations the soon to be aunt set up!