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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beautiful Cake and Cupcake Stands - Handmade!

Whoever says 'social networking' isn't the perfect medium for finding some of the best products around is dead wrong.  We met up with a very talented woodworking artist on facebook who makes the most beautiful cake and cupcake stands by hand, Robert Edward Woodworking.  We were so impressed with his work we asked him for permission to post some of his pieces on our blog to share with you. I can just imagine our decorated cakes or cupcakes sitting on these stands in an elegant venue! Please read more about Robert below:
"My love for woodworking started at a very young age – probably about 10 or 12.  I was always making things from scrap pieces of wood from my Dad’s workshop. As I got older, my attention shifted to pencil sketching, oil painting and much later photography – particularly architectural photography.

During a recent trip to Savannah, Georgia I took many photographs of all the beautiful homes in the historic district. I thought I might try and sell some of my work. One of the homes I photographed was the Mercer Williams House, in my opinion, the most beautiful home in Savannah. I sent some of my photographs to the owner and Carriage Shop manager and we developed a very good relationship. I mentioned to the Shop Manager that I do woodworking – things like very detailed bird feeders, candle holders and planters. The Shop Manager liked my work, but didn’t think there was a market for it. She suggested I build a replica of one of the gazebos in Savannah and try to sell it as a wedding cake topper. Since this gazebo was popular for weddings, it might be of interest to wedding planners.

It took me several months to build the gazebo, but once it was completed, I was totally hooked on woodworking. Building that gazebo convinced me to start a woodworking business and in 2008 Robert Edward Woodworking was born. The gazebo cake topper idea never really took off, but it lead to the cake stand concept after speaking with one of the wedding planners in Savannah."

 Following are some of Robert's spectacular stands we can't wait to use!

Please visit Robert at to see more of his work.


  1. Beautiful! Can these be made custom?

  2. Yes - just give him a call or contact him via email.

  3. These are gorgeous! I'll be sure to bookmark his website for the future. I've been looking for elegant cake stands. Thanks so much for posting this!