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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Custom Mocha Cupcakes

Bogota, NJ

At our NJ bakery we love getting orders for custom cupcakes! Whether the client wants something cute and whimsical for a baby shower or an elegant tower for a wedding.

When we come up with a design for our cupcakes it almost always includes a wrapper. The wrappers can be ordered from specialty shops online or you can make your own. We usually prefer to make our own because it gives us more leeway for personalization. The wrappers above are a simple cutout using a Cricut machine and cardstock. The machine also enables us to do more complicated designs like lace patterns and cutouts (e.g. butterflies, flowers, etc....).

The cupcakes above are for a chocolate and coffee lover. I'm often asked how we make our wonderful mocha frosting but can never give an exact recipe as we make it to taste based on the client's request for a more chocolaty or coffee flavor. Generally what we do is whip up a batch of Swiss meringue and in the final stages of mixing add espresso powder, rich chocolate ganache, and a little kahlua to taste.