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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Black and White Birthday Cake - NJ Bakery

Bogota, New Jersey

Our client came to us requesting a 70th birthday party cake and wanted the following elements incorporated into the design: black and white films, family, sudoku, bowling and gardening! At first, adding all these elements in a creative way was a bit intimidating, but once the creative juices started flowing it all came together in a cohesive fashion.

We used a graphics program to create a simple sudoku and made a black and white film strip with photos of her children and grandchildren. These images were then printed on frosting paper using edible ink and applied to the cake with a few dabs of water.

The '70' topper was made using sugarpaste and an exacto knife several days in advance to allow drying time. Once it was dry we painted it with silver luster dust and sprinkled edible glitter to add a little extra bang! The bowling pins/ball and plunger flowers were also made from sugarpaste.

Overall we were quite pleased with how all the elements worked together in this cake and, more importantly, the client loved it!


  1. That looks amazing. True art. That cake made someone real happy.

  2. The personal touch that Confectionary Design offers is outstanding.
    What a memorable creation.

  3. What a classic and creative cake! You always came up with outstanding design that will please the client and feast to the eye..Happy New Year!