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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Policeman Shirt Groom's Cake

The history of the Grooms' cake is not completely known, but many say it started in the southern states and has been quite popular all over the US for several years. Typically the groom's cake is chocolate, but when designing the cake flavors, one should focus on what the groom would like to eat!

We really enjoy making grooms' cakes as they tend to be witty and very personalized, often more so than the wedding cake. When brides come to us to order their groom's cake there is always a lot of idea exchanges and laughter in our design studio because of the countless possibilities. Most often we focus on the groom's background, hobbies, occupation, or something in his life he is expecially proud of. The designs can range from a favorite baseball team to a military honor - anything is game when designing these cakes. Most often the cake is a suprise to the groom and served either at the rehearsal dinner or the bride has it carted out during the wedding reception.

We made the groom's cake shown above for a local police officer. It was ordered by his bride-to-be and she came up with the fun inscription of "Cuffed for Life." My favorite part of this cake is the sugar handcuffs as they came out looking so real - I'm still wondering if the groom and his buddies ate these :)


  1. Wow, this cake is awesome and those handcuffs are super realistic! Great job! Grooms cakes can be a lot of fun; it's a great way to be whimsical and show off his interests. Just found your blog, but I am following and I will be back!