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Friday, May 27, 2011

Bling Bling Weekend!

A few weeks ago we had a blast putting together some cakes with lots of 'bling.' Some weekends it seems we have all baby shower cakes, or all birthday cakes, or all wedding cakes, but our 'bling' weekend was all about sparkle!

The following cake was made for a client's milestone birthday party and is the epitome of bling - it sparkled like diamonds under the lights at her venue. Her flavors were a combination of orange cake with pineapple cream cheese filling and strawberry cake with strawberry mousse.

The following cake was also made for a birthday party - love those big Sweet 16 parties!  Everything you see, the shoe, make-up, jewelry, etc... is edible. We started making the design elements for this cake a few weeks in advance so everything had time to dry properly. Of course, the cake can only be made and assembled right before the delivery so its always a rush putting everything together nice and sturdy!

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